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Welcome to Woodworking Zone

woodworking for beginnersWe are a group of Woodworking enthusiasts who love what we do and would like to share woodworking for beginners who want to learn and improve their skills in this wonderful and very useful hobby.
This website was developed mainly for woodworking beginners who just barely started or about to begin to embark on this wonderful journey.
Experienced Woodworkers are always welcome to browse around or better, share their valuable knowledge and expertise on this subject.
We're more into beginners mainly for the reason that not knowing where to start or how to focus their interests makes many people who are new to woodworking become discouraged, frustrated and soon give up. It doesn’t help when they take on projects that are too difficult or they try to work with inadequate tools that can also lead these beginners to decide that woodworking is not for them.
Woodworking is not that hard to do with the right mindset, tools and proper guidance. It is actually something that is fun and relaxing. Not only is it fun but it can also be a very satisfying hobby which gives you a real sense of accomplishment when you are looking at your finished projects
To overcome these many challenges we provide many useful articles that give practical advice and woodworking basics to these brand new and aspiring Woodworkers. We also make recommendations of products created by various Woodworking professionals who provide high quality and easy to follow woodworking plans.
These pre made plans not only save the beginner a lot of time but also make the process of planning, starting, creating and finally completing projects painless and mostly enjoyable which this hobby is supposed to bring.
More than anything else, a well designed and crafted woodworking plan is the key to completing a successful project. It is basically the most difficult part of the process, and definitely a well laid out woodworking plan will guide in making woodworking for beginners a success.
And of course, to the more advanced ones who may have ambitions in mind, how about making some money from some thing that you love doing?